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Carnaúba do Brasil Ltda. is a carnauba wax plant set up in 2004. This company was created by the experience accumulated by its founders, Gerardo Azevedo and José Maria Marques dos Santos, both experienced professionals on Carnauba industry.

Gerardo Azevedo was one of the Managing Directors of an industry at this field between 1976 and 1995. From 1995 until the beginning of 2004, he was one of the shareholders of a Trading Company specialized on the trade of natural products, whereas carnauba wax was one of its major accounts.

José Maria was the Production Quality Manager of several carnauba wax industries.

The plant is located in Itarema City, northeast side of Ceara state, very near to Piaui border, another important production area for carnauba wax. Carnauba do Brasil Ltda offers the best technological and human resources available with the purpose to assure high quality products to its customers in Brazil as well as to foreign countries.

Phone/Fax (Office) : +55-85-3264-7111
Phone (Plant) : +55-88-3667-1414 - Fax : +55-88-3667-1814